Episode 51 - Nicholas Matthews


Raised in the fundamentalist Christian subculture of the Bible Belt, cinematographer Nicholas Matthews fell in love with storytelling as a child to explore life outside the confines of that perspective. It evolved into a fascination with telling regional stories about fringe ideologies and marginalized people.
Recently, he's filmed projects in Japan, France, Mexico and across the US. The Hollywood Reporter praised his use of "expansive widescreen" and "adept long takes" on the 2018 Dances with Films Grand Jury Prize winner. The L.A. Times called his work on border thriller The Boatman "more art film than action film; deliberately paced, skillfully shot, emotionally challenging." He's worked with artists ranging from Ice Cube to Rise Against, as well as brands including Jack in the Box, T-Mobile, and Specialized Bikes. He thrives on collaboration in finding each film's unique voice.