Episode 18 - Jason Wise

Jason Wise is a film director and the driving force behind notable documentaries SOMM and SOMM: Into The Bottle. Both films take a deep dive into the world of wine, documenting the perspectives of the master sommelier and wine purveyors. The cultural impact of the original SOMM reached full strength after it’s release on Netflix becoming one of the go-to films on the subject.

I’ve been speaking with Jason for a few years now on social media following his rise and his continued efforts at both documentary and narrative. He has always taken an inclusive approach with his commentary on various social media platforms creating a friendly vibe that makes you want to root for him. It comes as no surprise that our conversation continued this sentiment resulting in a discussion that went deep into the honest reflections that come from finding success.  

In the podcast we discuss his early career, how SOMM came to be, an incredible story about how it entered film festivals and distribution as well as his mission to switch back to shooting his next projects all on film and why.