Episode 17 - Dallas Taylor

Dallas Taylor is a sound designer and business owner of Defacto Sound, a sound design and mixing house based in Washington D.C. The shop takes on projects from a wide variety of genres including commercials, video games, network promos, short docs and feature length films. Clients include National Geographic, Audi, Redbull, Fallout and Skyrim (video game trailers). A recent feature doc they did titled Blood Brother won Sundance and another titled Almost Holy is currently in theaters after screening at Tribeca.

Iā€™ve known Dallas for a few years now since he began working with fellow film collaborators (and podcast guests) Jon Bregel of Variable, Ryan Booth and Andy Baker of National Geographic. Dallas is always inquisitive, eager to steer conversation away from the mundane, diving into deeper discussion about the craft, the industry or life in general. I think this approach to people, wanting to get past the surface pleasantries, is at the root of his continued success.

In the podcast Dallas takes us on his journey from aspiring jazz trumpet player to high end sound designer. Along the way we pick up advice and insight on how to make big life moves and how to build a successful company.