Episode 16 - Johanna B. Kelly

Johanna B. Kelly is a production designer with 7 feature films under her belt. Beyond her main role on set, she has undertaken a feature documentary as a director and producer diving into the world of the insect food industry. Her documentary The Gateway Bug is currently in post and is being prepped for a festival run.

Living in New York as an Australian expat, her backstory of how she began in the industry provides great insight into the struggles that come with moving abroad and starting a new career.

This is my first episode with a guest with whom I’ve had no prior relationship. It was an inevitability I suppose and I’m excited for the future of the podcast. Great to sit down with Johanna learning about her from scratch, on air. It added new elements to the discovery aspects of the conversation and I found Johanna’s rise in the industry particularly fascinating since production design was not her first career.